D.D Gamble Guest Lodge

Entrance to Horseshoe Canyon at Sunrise


Local Attractions near Portal, AZ and Rodeo, NM

Too much to see and do

Attractions in and around the various "Sky Islands" are too numerous to mention.  This is just a brief description of things to do and observe:

The Portal, AZ/Rodeo, NM Area
Hiking Trails of the Chiricahua Mountains
Bootheel Maps
Chiricahua Desert Museum
Chiricahua National Monument
Fort Bowie National Historic Site
Queen Mine Tour in Bisbee
Tombstone, AZ
Kartchner Caverns
Southern Arizona Bird Observatory
Chiricahua Art Gallery

In addition to these famous sites, the Four Bar Cottages may also be available for birding with 24 hour notice.  Let us know if you would like bird there and we will try to make arrangements with Bill and Jill. 

  200+ bird species have been recorded at the Four Bar Cottages. Some stand-out species are zone-tailed hawk, gray hawk, rose-throated becard, and Bendire's thrasher. Some eastern species that have been recorded here are worm-eating warbler, American redstart, hooded warbler, and red-eyed vireo. 

Also of historical note at the Four Bar is the following history:
"The Four Bar cattle brand was registered by Benton Strickland of nearby Animas, NM, in pre-statehood days (both AZ and NM became states in 1912). While most brands today are assigned with their registry number in the tens of thousands, the Four Bar is number 971. It is one of the oldest brands in the area. It is still in use today by Bill and Jill Cavaliere, owners of the Four Bar Cottages, and Jill is a grand daughter of Benton Strickland."

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