DD Gamble
Guest Lodge and Ranch

Portal, Arizona


Dining Pleasures

Alicia and Tom are pleased to host three different dining styles.

After a hard day riding on the range, trailriding through the National Forest, or driving our miniature horses through the desert, come home to a scrumtious and healthy meal. 

It is our custom to sit and dine with our guests.

Intimate Dining

On your romantic getaway, if you are fortunate to have the Lodge to yourselves, Alicia and Tom will prepare a gourmet meal with desert  prepared on the side.  This is the only time that we do not dine with our guests.

Informal Dining

In the informal setting, we provide excellent wholesome food, most of it procurred from the local area.  Wholesome fare includes steaks, roasts, chicken, and pork with fresh local produce, milk, and eggs.

Formal, Gourmet Dining

At least once during your stay, Tom and Alicia will prepare at least one gourmet breakfast and one gourmet evening meal.

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